Like for the Homemade pellet burner, you will also receive all the necessary files on the DVD.

Latest version : v.6  

Container features:

• Size: 625 x 810 x 1550mm or 24.6″ x 31.9″ x 60.8″

• It can hold approximately 300 kg (660 lbs) of pellets. This amount of pellets can heat your medium-sized house for 2 weeks.

• Easy to clean after heating season because of the cleaning hole on the back side.

• The burner controller can be easily installed on the front (face) plate of the container.

• The dust from pellets is automatically removed through bottom holes.

• Level indicator holes have been added to analyse the pellet level without opening the cover of the container.

• Two containers can be used for one burner for even more kW.

• You can insert sensors such as smoke and pellet level sensors.


- Fast & easy to build.

You will need galvanized steel (1.5 mm thickness) + blind rivets.


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