- Basic skills in mechanical and electrical engineering;

  • You need to be able to weld, or know a welder v.13  (welding is no longer necessary in v15); 
  • how to use tools and machines you can find in an ordinary workshop;
  • how to bend sheet metal with a sheet metal brake v.13 (You can now bend sheet metal with bare hands in v15  video );
  • how to connect wires (controller, fan, motor, water pump, fire sensor & igniter).


- You will need to find a company with:

  • a machine for cutting sheet metal and tubes, e.g. laser, water, plasma or other CNC machines that can read DXF format files and cut sheet metal and STEP files for tube cutting;


- You will have to purchase some parts (you will receive all the required data & links of where to buy them - EU & North America el. components)

  • El. Motor (to drive the feeder);
  • Fan (for dosing the oxygen in the combustion chamber);
  • Ignition unit (to start the ignition of the pellets);
  • Controller (You can buy a controller+fan+ignitor from the same seller paying for one shipping cost only);
  • Sheet metal, tubes, bolts, nuts, rivets, etc.;
  • Insulation (stove rope, thermal tape, alu tape)


- And some time... (usually takes around 1 to 3 weeks).



Fast preview of the burner construction plan:

Once you have received the DVD, all you have to do is to send these DXF files to a laser to cut sheet metal into pieces of the required shape. After that, bend these pieces as shown in the pdf drawings and movies. After bending, you join them together in subassemblies as shown in animation movies. You will have to cut some tubes, too. Finally, you have to assemble all subassemblies together - insert the ignitor, fan, fire sensor and connect it with controller. All the steps are described in more detail in the manuals on the DVD. 

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