Do you think that pellet burners are too expensiveMake your own andsave money, it's so easy!

Why pay 1500 $ or more for a pellet burner if you can make one by yourself for less than 350$?

A pellet heating system is far cheaper than oil, electricity, gas and most of other types of heating. So don't wait, order your DVD today and start making your own pellet burner tomorrow. You can use this burner for heating your home or for other  purposes, e.g. bakery oven, greenhouse heating, drying and more.

After completing the purchase you will receive a DVD with 4.5 GB of data for the complete pellet burner construction:


  • 3D models converted to: STEP, STL, OBJ, PVZ, IGES, X_T, CATIA(V4,V5), SLDprt, 3D pdf, NX, IV and others...
  • DXF files of all parts for the sheet metal cutting procedure.
  • 50 drawings DWG & PDF format (with dual dimensions; mm & inch).
  • 11 movies of step by step pellet burner construction.
  • Free programmes for viewing and measuring the 3D models and drawings.
  • Pictures and movies of assembled burners from our customers.
  • A document on 105 pages containing all the information on how to build a homemade pellet burner from beginning to the end; (what do I need, where to buy, what tools and machines do i need, how to use it, how to bend it, how to connect it, how to cut it, how to assemble it, which is the best type of motor, fan, controller (+ all the links of where to buy them), how to achieve the ideal burning conditions, the best type of pellets, tips, tricks, service instructions and much more;
  • Free technical support.  

6 years of development has brought us to the 15th version of the burner. It's made according to the European standard EN 15270:2007 which dictates to have at least one mechanical and two electrical safeguards; however, this pellet burner has two mechanical and three electrical safeguards (everything is described in the document on the DVD).

In conclusion; you will receive complete instructions on how to construct a pellet burner by yourself on one DVD.


Before buying, please read the following requirementsfirst!


Free shipping around the globe (tracking number + priority package)Check the feedback from our customers.


Pellet Burner  DVDv.15                             55 $     BUY NOW ! * or 25 $ for download link

Pellet Burner + Container  DVD v.15     =    70 $     BUY NOW !* or 40 $ for download link   

Pellet Burner  KIT v.15                           =    *** $     BUY NOW !    * out of stock


* If you only need download link and not actual DVD you can save  30$. Contact us for offer.


Youtube video


Don't miss ! You can also get a refund of 20 $ back to your PayPal account if you send us some pictures/movies of your finished burner.


If you are in a hurry, let us know and you'll get also an FTP, Dropbox or Google Drive link where you can download all the DVD files.  


 Check what's new in v. 15:  pictures video

 NEW - v. 15.4: video

 NEW - v. 15.5: video


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